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Patient Testimonials

"For 7 years I lived with a constant dull ache in an area another periodontist had performed gum surgery using the "cut & stitch" method. After several follow-up visits I was told it was something I would just have to live with.

I read about Dr. Matia and his use of a periodontal laser procedure and decided to set up an appointment for his evaluation. He was also highly recommended by 2 hygienists who had attended his education seminars. After Dr. Matia performed Laser Surgery and the numbing agent wore off, I was amazed that, for the first time in 7 years, I was pain free. My general dentist is impressed to see how much bone regrowth has occurred in the past year. I have been pain free for over a year now and would highly recommend Dr. Matia to anyone needing periodontal procedures.

He and his staff are genuinely caring and I can't imaging any one of them telling someone "you will just have to live with the discomfort".

I must admit there is one part of the procedure I consider the worst… Having to follow a diet of soft food for a bit after treatment."

-Fran L.

"I was referred by my dentist to Dr Matia a few years ago. He is gentle and very caring. He called me after my work in the evening to see how I had done after surgery !! He uses the latest laser technology. I think it is called Lanap and it was very comfortable for me."

-Lisa, Review Posted to Yahoo! Local

"Dr Matia seems like a very good dentist. I was referred by my family dentist and was very pleasantly surprised. He was thorough, explained my problem, and outlined a solution."

-B.L., Review Posted on SuperPages

"I was very pleased with the laser. It was virtually pain free and healed very quickly. I was very pleased with the procedure."

-Norma R., View this testimonial

"My experience between the traditional bone grafting and the laser therapy was a big difference! With the traditional, I was sore for weeks. My co-workers could tell I was still in pain by just looking at my face. It was hard to sleep at night because I really couldn't sleep on my sides - my cheeks were so sore and to have this done, took like several hours. The laser was much better. The hygienist told me I would not be sore afterwards and she was right. I felt great and I was only in the chair 45 minutes. I wish I could have had this the first time. I hope this helps with other people's decisions to have this done. Thank you."

-Anonymous, View this testimonial

"Dr. Matia and staff, Thank you for all your kindess and patience. I have never been in a medical office where everyone was so nice. You all have been so patient with me. I can not thank you enough. Dr. Matia has been wonderful and so understanding. Rita has been so much comfort letting me hold her hand through the surgeries. Linda, the flowers were such a thoughtful gesture. You are all very special and all make a wonderful team, thank you!"

-Dawn B.

"The staff is the kindest and most caring. One wouldn't think that "gum surgery" could be considered a pleasant experience, but this was! Dr. Matia is very gentle and considerate. I would recommend this to anyone needing this procedure."

-Jennifer O.

"This was the most pleasant dental experience I have ever had. The patient focus and service is second to none. The staff is friendly and on top of things they really make you feel like a valued patient. So thorough in explaining the process to me in advance of the procedure and what to do/expect after the procedure. Dr. Matia called personally the evening after the procedure was done to check how I was doing. I have never had a dentist who showed so much care. I can't say enough good things about this practice."

-Debra L.

"Everyone at Dr. Matia's office was very pleasant and professional. I was given a local anesthetic in preparation for surgery. The laser surgery was not uncomfortable. While there was some tenderness in the area afterwards, there was no swelling or pain-- amazing. Post-op instructions were clear and well-presented. I would highly recommend Dr. Matia and his staff-- very good experience."


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