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Much the same way periodontitis affects human teeth, peri-implantitis is an infection that can occur around one or more dental implants. Laser gum disease treatment with Dr. Lemke in Medina, OH can address this condition.

Symptoms of peri-implantitis include bone loss near the affected implant or receding and inflamed gums. Just like laser gum surgery in Medina, OH can save infected teeth, early diagnosis and treatment for peri-implantitis can help to save dental implants, stop bone loss, and restore good health to the gum tissues.

Poor oral hygiene is often to blame when peri-implantitis is present, much like periodontal disease. However, it may also be a symptom of some other disease or illness. In fact, early diagnosis is very important because new research suggests that this condition can lead to heart disease, cancer, and stroke. If you have symptoms, a consultation regarding gum disease treatment with Dr. Lemke makes good sense.

Treating Peri-Implantitis with Laser Gum Surgery in Medina, OH

Dr. Lemke routinely uses a laser to treat natural teeth, but this practice is also showing promising results for saving dental implants, as well. LAPIP® (Laser Assisted Peri-Implantitis Procedure) is very similar to the LANAP® (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) protocol to safely and successfully treat the symptoms of peri-implantitis.

Our doctor uses the PerioLase® MVP-7™, a state-of the-art dental laser cleared by the FDA and backed by research, to eliminate inflammation caused by peri-implantitis. Just like LANAP®, this laser treatment also encourages healthy gum tissue and bone to regenerate and resume their support of the patient's dental implants. It works by targeting and eliminating the diseased tissue surrounding the dental implants without harming any of the healthy tissue that is present.

Now you can receive treatment for peri-implantitis with laser gum disease treatment in Medina, OH. Call our office today for your LAPIP® consultation.

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