Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting in Wooster and Medina OH

People with missing teeth who visit Dr. Matia and Dr. Lemke for a dental implant consultation in Wooster, OH often find out that they first need to have a bone graft. Missing teeth often lead to bone loss because the tooth roots are no longer stimulating the jaw bone to keep it active.

Dental implants can replace missing teeth and take on the role of tooth roots, but they do need bone to work. Bone grafting can, therefore, be useful. Even patients with low bone density can often have dental implants placed if they have a bone graft, which is a procedure that adds or replaces lost bone in areas where teeth are missing.

Two Dental Bone Graft Procedures

  • Allograft: This procedure uses bone from a bank, which is then placed in areas where bone loss has occurred. Donor bone is considered to be safe, as it is fully examined and screened prior to use.
  • Xenograft: This procedure uses animal bone, often from a cow, which is easy to obtain and sometimes preferred since the patient does not need to have additional surgery to extract his or her own bone material.

After the grafting procedure is complete and before the dental implant procedure, our doctor will likely prescribe some antibiotics and if necessary mild pain medicine. Eating soft foods, usually for about a week, following your procedure is necessary while the gums heal. In about six to nine months, the jaw bone and gums will be ready for your dental implant procedure.

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